[neomutt-users] Notmuch folders and Fcc configuration

Felix Wittwer hallo at felixwittwer.de
Sat Nov 14 23:17:31 CET 2020

[TL;DR] How do I configure multiple sent folders when using notmuch?

Hello everyone!

So, for the past few years, I have been happily using neomutt with as 
many as 9 active mail accounts at a time. But after all this time, I 
feel that my inboxes are getting out of hand and since switching inboxes 
by sourcing new configs was always cumbersome, I wanted to switch to 

I spent about 2 hours going through my mail and coming up with a ~200 
line auto-tagging script for notmuch and configuring neomutt to use the 
virtual mailboxes I created based on these tags. But since I am a 
perfectionist, I now also want to set up mail-sending to work correctly.

Via the use_from setting and some sane defaults, I manage to get the 
automatic sender address selection right most of the time. msmtp then 
automatically picks the right mail host to send my mail through.

But the question I now have is: How can I -- in this new setup with 
notmuch -- get the placement of the outgoing mail in the `Sent` folder 

Say I want to send a mail from this address I write from -- then it 
should go into this addresses' Sent folder. But if I write from my work 
address or the address of organization B, the mails should both land in 
the respective Sent folders.

Is there a clean way to configure this (without going back to manual
configuration sourcing)? I found some references to `fcc-hook`s in the 
documentation, but that seems to match on the receiver addresses, which 
is nothing I want to configure (this is a huge and ever-growing list, 
even when using regexes).

I hope somebody has a good tip for me. Thanks in advance! :)

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