[neomutt-users] Sidebar feature?

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri Nov 13 02:07:30 CET 2020

* Chris Bennett <cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us> [2020-11-13 01:36]:
> There was some talk a while back about changing the index
> view.  I would really like it if the sidebar could be
> limited to only take up space with the mailboxes listed.
> The rest of the sidebar removed above or below it.
> This would free up space to read the longer subjects, but
> keep the mailboxes visible. This would only help with
> users with only a few "standard" set of mailboxes.

how so?  can you give an outline of this?  ASCII appreciated.

> Is such a thing [is] reasonable, as in not a mountain of work?

work on "layouts" has begun, as announced on 2020-03-13:


> Or should I just rebind showing the sidebar with a single key?
> Shift B is an annoying combo. The keys are too far apart. :<)

change your keyboard layout then! :-P

simply rebind this, eg to 'Q':

     bind index Q sidebar-toggle-visible

of course in this case 'Q' for "query" is kinda lost. ;-)

this is how i see you message with sidebar-toggle-visible:

> Actually, should the default combo for that
> be changed to something easier from install?

remember: "something easier" might be "someting harder" for others.


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please do use neomutt to post
and sign your messages.  why?
because we can, right?!  :-)
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