[neomutt-users] implicit_autoview seems to be not working.

Piotr Martyniuk zaxonxp45 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 21:36:43 CET 2020

OK. It looks it was working, I only did not have pure html e-mail to
check this. So there is no issue. :)


On 2020-11-10 20:59, Piotr Martyniuk wrote:
>I changed my .muttrc according to your suggestion, but pressing .v does
>not enable me the html conversion. I did not use this for a long time,
>so I do not remember when it stopped working. But for sure it was
>Or do I still missing something...
>On 2020-11-10 17:11, Jakub Jindra wrote:
>>I believe you have this issue only when you run the macrom from 
>>within the index context. Does it work well without any errors from 
>>the pager?
>>Try splitting each of the macros into two. One for index and one for 
>>macro index .v "<enter-command>set implicit_autoview=yes<enter>"                   "View the HTML converted to text"
>>macro pager .v "<enter-command>set implicit_autoview=yes<enter>i<display-message>" "View the HTML converted to text"
>>macro index .V "<enter-command>set implicit_autoview=no<enter>"                    "Disable HTML conversion to text"
>>macro pager .V "<enter-command>set implicit_autoview=no<enter>i<display-message>"  "Disable HTML conversion to text"

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