[neomutt-users] mailbox creation behaviour changed?

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Mon Mar 2 07:08:50 CET 2020


Again, many thanks to the developers for their work.

I still haven't tracked down the authentication puzzles I raised
before.  It is turning out to be harder to reproduce reliably than I
would like, which makes it quite hard to figure out.

I've encountered a new thing that I'm finding surprising, and I'm
wondering whether it's intentional.  It used to be that if I tried to
save something into a mailbox that didn't exist, I'd get a prompt as
to whether I wanted to create the mailbox and then the mailbox would
get created and the mail saved into it.

This doesn't seem to happen any more.  Instead I get an error and I'm
invited to skip, try another mailbox, or give up.  It still seems
possible to create the folder: when I use m I can then then navigate
to the browser for the folders like what I want, and create it there.
But this seems like the sort of manual step that computers are good
at, so I'm surprised by it.  I don't see anything on
https://neomutt.org/changes/user.  Did I miss something?

Best regards,


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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