[neomutt-users] How to stop <tag-thread> from jumping to next item

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Thu Jul 9 17:26:33 CEST 2020

On Jul 09 2020, 14:56 UTC, Sam Kuper <sampablokuper at posteo.net> wrote:
>On Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 02:00:08PM +0000, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
>> What do you think a less astonishing behaviour would be?
>The least astonishing behaviour would be for <tag-thread> to tag the
>current thread and not do anything else.  Likewise, <tag> would tag the
>current item and not do anything else.  Etc.
>In practice, this means that in my view, the default value for `resolve`
>would be `no`.

Yep, I guess different workflows call for different behaviours.

If you're like me and use the tagging mechanism in order to select a 
number of messages that you want to apply some action to, then it's 
pretty convenient than tagging a message automatically moves you to the 
next one (so you can tag that too, perhaps).

I soldomly tag a message and immediately want to act upon the same 
message.  I guess that only happens at the end of a tagging sequence.

So, if you tag more than 2 messages, you will have spared key strokes :)

Anyway, glad you could fix your inconvenience with "resolve".

Pietro Cerutti

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