[neomutt-users] Sidebar doesn't show all inboxes

Frank Beuth seclists at boxdan.com
Sat Jan 4 13:29:15 CET 2020

I want the Sidebar to show every inbox for my email accounts, so I can
switch to each account easily, as well as showing any folder with new
mail in it.

My .muttrc therefore contains:
set sidebar_visible
set sidebar_format = "%B%?F? [%F]?%* %?N?%N/?%S"
set sidebar_short_path
set sidebar_delim_chars="/"
set sidebar_new_mail_only
set sidebar_new_mail_only
sidebar_whitelist "/path/to/maildirs/<>/inbox" 

However the sidebar ends up showing only 2 inboxes, out of many

I haven't been able to figure out what distinguishes the inboxes that
are shown from the ones which aren't... it's not a case issue, the inbox
folder name is lowercase also for some of the mailboxes which are not
displayed, as well as for those which are.

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