[neomutt-users] file browser empty

Michael Stenner mstenner at mitre.org
Fri Jan 3 19:52:15 CET 2020


I just upgraded to the Dec 7 version of neomutt (although it had been
a while), and I'm seeing a strange issue.  When I browse for
attachments, the file browser always shows up as empty.

I haven't tweaked the file mask, but changing it in real time has no
effect.  Whenever I set the file mask (including setting it to the
default), it says "No files match the file mask.".  I'm certain that
there are files (non-dotfiles) in the directory.

If I start typing the name of a file or directory, it will
tab-complete, but when I hit tab again to pop into the file browser,
it will say that there's nothing there.

Any ideas?  Old bug?  New bug?  PEBKAC?


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