[neomutt-users] PGP Encryption Cipher and Digest Algorithm

naicamine naicamine at sl4mm3r5.com
Sun Dec 27 08:39:52 CET 2020

If I don't want to use the default AES256 SHA256 combination encryption cipher and digest algorithm, how do I specify these options? I have attempted to research this on my own, but it seems that there are a fairly limited number of resources addressing this topic.

I had assumed in the first place that it would take the setting I had specified in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf
It does not appear to me that (on my setup at least) that is the case; it works outside of neomutt, but neomutt seems to disregard these settings.

I am slightly confused on the difference between smime and pgp in this context, as I see muttrc options for "smime_sign_digest_alg" and "smime_encrypt_with", but I dont see those options listed as they relate to pgp.


Note: If these are in fact the correct settings for what I am attempting to do, then I am having other issues.

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