[neomutt-users] Lots of accounts from one user, as in more than bindings are practical

Chris Bennett cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us
Wed Dec 23 05:45:02 CET 2020

I've had a thought about a way to possibly deal with this.
I already have a PostgreSQL database for IMAP users domains, addresses,
passwords, etc.
I see no reason not to use this also for smtpd to use for auth to send
emails from external users.
I already use SQL for so many different things.

It seems like adding the additional acct and folder hook info and other
things into the same database would also give me a unified system for
Dovecot, SMTPD and Neomutt.
I can also write a script to add new users with all of the necessary
info going into the database, the files for virtual users (which would
also be better moved into the database) and Neomutt.
I also have software written for a web interface for other databases I
use, so that would give me a pure web GUI or use a CLI script also.

If all of this works nicely, then I just have one problem for Neomutt
How to write a nice macro for this. My skills for that are very limited
right now, but I get the general idea.
Any reason I can't get something that hands over part to perl to make
a nice menu then feeds it back to the macro? I'd love to see a nice list
to choose from.

I don't have any problems with the SQL and Perl parts (other than some
suggestions for what to include or not in the database).

But some suggestions for making a macro work with this would be very
helpful. Bind the macro to a single key binding to start this up seems
like a convenient idea.

More than happy to share whatever I come up with.

Chris Bennett

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