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Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Sun Dec 20 10:02:19 CET 2020

* Kusoneko <kusoneko at kusoneko.moe> [2020-12-20 09:40]:
> I personally don't use Neomutt's imap setup at all,
> I use a Maildir synced by mbsync (isync) every 5 mins
> with a cronjob that runs mbsync -Va every 5 mins.
> I use gpg encrypted text files that contain the
> application-specific password for oauth-protected accounts.

as always: thanks for the setup examples! :-)

i usually never use IMAP.  there's always some trouble. *sigh*

the only reason for me to use IMAP again was to snarf
all mails off gmail and to get the count to zero again.
(yes, i know THEY still have a copy.. hello, Ed!)

i guess i could use mbysnc to clear out my gmail account?
would i still have to go through that oauth precedure?
or can this be a bit simpler?  mind you, i do not
need any neomutt setup for any folders on gmail..
i'd just connect to gmail.. download all.. done.

it "used to work" at least until two years ago.
apparently i tried again a few times since then
but all those different error messages didn't make
it clear what was the problem - server or client.

> And then Neomutt can read the Maildir in realtime
> every time it's synced by the cronjob. The first few
> days syncing can be hell because Google ratelimits
> the amount of mail you can retrieve daily.

what are the daily rate limits then?  do you happen to know?

> I also have to manually run "mbsync -Va" once every time I reboot
> to enter my gpg passphrase otherwise it will fail silently.


luckily we dont need to reboot so often, do we? ;)

actually, i'd like to see some more reports
from users of the big email providers..
to name just a few: gmx.net, web.de, fastmail.com, mayfirst.org
mailbox.org, protonmail.ch, posteo.de, riseup.net, tutanota.com..


neomutt maillist reminder:
please do use neomutt to post
and sign your messages.  why?
because we can, right?!  :-)
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