[neomutt-users] accounts vs bindings

Chris Bennett cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us
Fri Dec 18 04:26:53 CET 2020

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 02:32:17AM +0100, Sven Guckes wrote:
>   (1) use one mail exchanger for all domains or auto-redirect
>   (2) use catch-all to receive all incoming mails (incl spam)
>   (3) tell neomutt about your addresses - and use reverse_name,
>       so all replies are from the address used to address you
>   (4) append signatures as needed, maybe with some send-hook
>   (5) use one directory for saving attachments to. KISS!
>   (6) caches.. needed? do they really make things faster?
>   (7) etcetera.. will be dealt with later. :-P

Oops. I always forget to give enough details.
My best excuse this time is a massive amount of communication these past
three days about some really critical time-dependent stuff.
And excuses are just pointless whining! :-)

I'm running OpenSMTPD off of OpenBSD, with IMAP off of Dovecot.
I'm on way too many mailing lists to mush that together.

I'm on a laptop with a small screen and bad eyesight, so mucking with
the subject line to show the mailing list just takes up too much space,
I already tried and rejected that trick.
Plus, I have to know who is the sender, there is a pecking order on who
is a developer vs someone like me, a contributor but no repository write

For example, on this server I have 34 email addresses in use.
Here I have quite a few users to catch those, a couple of which catch a
handful with acct/folder macros (like postmaster@).

But I want to do things better on the other two servers.
I already start up two xterm desktops for each server, plus two more for
local use. FVWM works nice as you start to learn how to use it.
Just like neomutt. So much better for me now that I'm digging into how
to use macros and such. But I'm still an amateur.

Personality-wise, I like to split things up. But I want to pull those
pieces more together now.


Chris Bennett

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