[neomutt-users] accounts vs bindings

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri Dec 18 02:32:17 CET 2020

* Chris Bennett <cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us> [2020-12-18 01:23]:
> How can this be done? A set of macros? Perl or shell script?
> How are the files, caches, attachment download directories,
> signatures, etcetera being dealt with. Can the message and header
> caches be in one directory for each or should they be separated?
> For example, say I have 10 domains.
> root, postmaster, webmaster, personal emails, spam likely personal
> emails for signing up for things, etcetera for each domain.
> That's too many for a simple set of key bindings.

  (1) use one mail exchanger for all domains or auto-redirect
  (2) use catch-all to receive all incoming mails (incl spam)
  (3) tell neomutt about your addresses - and use reverse_name,
      so all replies are from the address used to address you
  (4) append signatures as needed, maybe with some send-hook
  (5) use one directory for saving attachments to. KISS!
  (6) caches.. needed? do they really make things faster?
  (7) etcetera.. will be dealt with later. :-P

oh.. what was imap again?

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