[neomutt-users] Sidebar feature?

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Dec 7 14:05:06 CET 2020

Hi Chris,

tl;dr No

> Long subject.Long subject.Long| INBOX
> Short subject.                | Sent
> Short subject.                |--------  
> Short subject.
> Long subject.Long subject.Long subject.


I hadn't thought of that.
I've added it to the list (of *all* ideas).

> Is such a thing reasonable, as in not a mountain of work?

It's both reasonable and quite a bit of work.

> > work on "layouts" has begun, as announced on 2020-03-13:


Historically (and in upstream Mutt), various parts of the code write to
absolute screen coordinates.  Adding the Sidebar, years ago, meant
updating a LOT of code to be Sidebar-aware.

The new "layouts" code represents all the components as a nested set of
Windows.  If the Sidebar becomes visible, the Index Window is resized
and the it gets a notification to repaint itself.  The Index Window is
completely unaware of the Sidebar.

The new code is working nicely, but there's a bit more work to do.

That's the simple 2-dimensional view.

The next step would be to add floating Windows (menus and popups, etc).

For lots of pictures, see:

    Rich / FlatCap
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