[neomutt-users] "Press any key to continue" on startup

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Thu Apr 30 20:49:47 CEST 2020

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 12:13:20AM +0000, Richard Russon wrote:
> If you've just upgraded and see this message on startup:
>     Press any key to continue...

Yep.  With NeoMutt 20200424.

> Please add this to your config:
>     set crypt_use_gpgme = no


> Technical bits:
> - gpgme (GPG Made Easy) makes it simpler to config NeoMutt to sign
>   or encrypt emails.

Yes, it does, and very reliably.

> - The bug is caused when NeoMutt is built without gpgme support.

*cough* nope *cough* ...

System: Darwin 17.7.0 (x86_64)
ncurses: ncurses 6.2.20200212 (compiled with 6.2.20200212)
libiconv: 1.16
libidn: 1.35 (compiled with 1.35)
GPGME: 1.14.0-beta49
OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1g  21 Apr 2020
libnotmuch: 5.2.0
storage: kyotocabinet

Default options:
  +attach_headers_color +compose_to_sender +compress +cond_date +debug
  +encrypt_to_self +forgotten_attachments +forwref +ifdef +imap +index_color
  +initials +limit_current_thread +multiple_fcc +nested_if +new_mail +nntp +pop
  +progress +quasi_delete +regcomp +reply_with_xorig +sensible_browser +sidebar
  +skip_quoted +smtp +status_color +timeout +tls_sni +trash

Compile options:
  -autocrypt +bkgdset +color +curs_set +fcntl -flock -fmemopen +futimens
  +getaddrinfo -gnutls +gpgme -gss +hcache -homespool +idn -inotify
  -locales_hack +lua -lz4 +meta -mixmaster +nls +notmuch +openssl +pgp +regex
  +sasl +smime -sqlite +start_color +sun_attachment +typeahead -zlib -zstd

That uses native GPGME support and, indeed, I'm using it to sign and
send this message.  Yet it gets the "Press any key to continue..."
load error.

In my case, the real error appears to be that mailboxes not loading
properly error that's been around for a little while.  OTOH, unlike
the last MacPorts installed version (NeoMutt 20180716) I was using, it
won't crap itself to death when authenticating with a new SMTP
service.  So it stays as is for sending and receiving, but the old one
stays so I can easily find the new mail paths for it.

So with those annoyances, I'd rather double-tap the "enter" key on
launch than lose GPGME; it's so trivial by comparison.

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