[neomutt-users] Compose in new terminal + text_flowed

Leon Georgi leon at ifsr.de
Tue Nov 19 15:19:55 CET 2019


some days ago I configured my neomutt to compose my mails in a new window. I do 
this the following way:

## .mutt/muttrc

set editor = '~/.mutt/editor %s' # Write mails in a new window
set text_flowed = yes

## .mutt/editor

cp $1 $TMP_FILE
    termite -e "neomutt -F ~/.mutt/profiles/compose -H $TMP_FILE"
    rm $TMP_FILE
) &

## .mutt/profiles/compose

source ~/.mutt/muttrc

set editor = 'vim + -c "set fo+=aw" + -c "set nojs" + -c "set nosmartindent"'
set resume_draft_files      # Do not ask for subject and recepient for draft files
set autoedit

So when I edit a mail, the mail is copied to a temporary file and then opened in 
a new mutt instance with my regular editor (vim). I have set "text_flowed" to 
yes, but unfortunately now my sent mails do not set "format=flowed", although 
the text_flowed option is set which I have checked.
If I replace the editor in my muttrc with the editor of the profiles/compose 
file, "format=flowed" works fine again. I don't have any idea, why my neomutt 
behaves this way. I hope, anyone can help me.

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