[neomutt-users] gpg-agent with two accounts

Shadrock Uhuru niyalevi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 13:35:48 CET 2019


how do i use gpg-agent with two accounts,
i have two gmail accounts that i switch between,
both accounts are setup to sign and encrypt,
if i start neomutt and source account 'A' and send encrypted mail to
account 'B' 
with account 'A' keys and password,
i can sign encrypt and send without errors,
if i then switch account to 'B' then try to decrypt the message
using account 'B' keys there is no password request and i get openssl
if i close and restart neomutt then switch to account 'B'
i can decrypt the message using account 'B' keys and password,
i am assuming the problem is to do with 
gpg-agent caching account 'A' password when i encrypt 
and using the same password when i switch to account 'B' to decrypt,
i have set set separate smime_default_key in smime.rc for each account.
do i need to somehow restart gpg-agent each time i switch accounts ?
or how do i make gpg-agent remember each password for each account ?


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