[neomutt-users] NeoMutt 2019-11-11

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Nov 11 02:45:44 CET 2019

## Notes

This is a *bug-fix* release.  Hopefully the last for a while.

## Thanks

Many thanks to our *bug reporters*:

Thank you for your help and patience, over the last few weeks.

Ander Punnar, Andreas Ziegler, Ankur Sinha, "antoyo", "cbilz", Darren Kenny,
Dominik Paulus, Erik Kunze, Jimmy Aguilar Mena, Jon Bernard, Kevin Fenzi,
"klartext", "luchr", Lukas Sabota, Mattias Giese, Maxime Ripard, "megous",
Miroslav Koškár, Nathan Ringo, "noctux", Patrick Ben Koetter, Per Modin,
"protist", Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas, Sebastian J. Bronner, Stuart Henderson,
Stéphane Wirtel, Thomer Gil, "toogad".

Many thanks to our *new contributor*:

- Daniel Gray (@dngray)

and our *regular contributors*:

- Austin Ray (@austin-ray)
- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
- Marius Gedminas (@mgedmin)
- ng0 (@ng-0)

## Features

- 'sidebar_unread' color

## Bug Fixes

- browser: fix directory view
- fix crash in mutt_extract_token()
- force a screen refresh
- fix crash sending message from command line
- notmuch: use nm_default_uri if no mailbox data
- fix forward attachments
- fix: vfprintf undefined behaviour in body_handler
- Fix relative symlink resolution
- fix: trash to non-existent file/dir
- fix re-opening of mbox Mailboxes
- close logging as late as possible
- log unknown mailboxes
- fix crash in command line postpone
- fix memory leaks
- fix icommand parsing
- fix new mail interaction with mail_check_recent
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