[neomutt-users] Using pgpewrap with Nix-Install

Ismael Bouya ismael.bouya at normalesup.org
Sun Nov 10 15:51:28 CET 2019

Hi Felix,

(Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 01:52:22PM +0100) Felix Wittwer :
> I am a macOS user (10.14) and installed neomutt using the Nix package
> manager. Before, I was using the homebrew version for many years. Using the
> gpg.rc file provided in the neomutt repository, the pgpewrap binary  is
> required for encrypting mails. In the past I could simply point the path for
> this binary to the Homebrew Cellar (a path in /usr/local where everything
> homebrew-related lives). After switching to Nix however, I am asking myself
> if there is any better solution for this, as I would now have to point to a
> path in the nix store, which feels even more fragile than linking to
> internal brew folders as it could change at any time.
> Is there a better solution for this? How do fellow nix(OS)-Users solve this?

I have in my config file:
set pgp_encrypt_only_command="/home/my_user/.nix-profile/libexec/neomutt/pgpewrap gpg (...)"

The useful part is .nix-profile/libexec/neomutt/pgpewrap, which you
should also have in your installation since it comes with the neomutt
Hope it helps!

Kind regards,
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