[neomutt-users] Too few arguments on folder-hook

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Nov 4 17:50:36 CET 2019

Hi Kenneth,

> folder-hook . `rm -f /tmp/neomutt-arch/*`

Ah, there are a couple of problems here.

The first is quite subtle.  Your command isn't quoted.
Because of this, the *parser* executes the `backticked` command on startup
and NeoMutt sees the processed config:

    folder-hook .

There's nothing after the '.' because `rm` didn't print anything.
Meaning you see:

    Error: Too few arguments on folder-hook

Let's quote the command:

    folder-hook . '`rm -f /tmp/neomutt-arch/*`'

Now, it's not executed when the hook is parsed.
When NeoMutt opens a folder, it processes the `backticks` first,
then tries to run the command, which is an empty string.

    : unknown command

So, let's add a NeoMutt 'echo' command to keep it happy:

    folder-hook . 'echo `rm -f /tmp/neomutt-arch/*`'

I hope that makes sense.

    Rich / FlatCap
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