[neomutt-users] Neomutt omit reply messages in some threads ... why ?

rey-coyrehourcq sebastien.rey-coyrehourcq at univ-rouen.fr
Thu May 30 10:53:45 CEST 2019


I'm using neomutt with notmuch, afew for searching/tagging messages, and

I have some strange behaviors, some message part of a thread, sent by me,
disapear when displayed in neomutt. 
I'm using strict_thread option.

For example, this thread contain 9 messages tagged wih "eqliaison":

➜ notmuch search date:yesterday to:guilherme                
thread:000000000000a7ad  Yest. 16:54 [2/9(12)] rey-coyrehourcq| Guilherme
OLIVEIRA; [[equipe-liaison-rouen]] Problème script MDT (eqliaison replied sent

➜ notmuch count thread:000000000000a7ad
9 messages

In "eqLiaison virtual-mailboxes", when i search and display the corresponding
thread in neomutt i have only 8 messages ... and when i verify the missing
message, it contain tag eqliaison.

The missing message is a reply based on a first reply :

 -> first reply from me
    -> second reply from me

id:20190529145419.4lxmtgrkcn72xuju at localhost.localdomain depth:6 match:1
excluded:0 filename:/home/reyman/Mail/unthinkingdepths/Sent

rey-coyrehourcq <xxx at univ-rouen.fr> (Yest. 16:54)(eqliaison sent)
Subject: Re:
[[equipe-liaison-rouen]] Problème script MDT
From: rey-coyrehourcq <
xxx at univ-rouen.fr>
To: xxx at univ-rouen.fr
Cc: "xxx at listes.univ-rouen.fr" <xxx at listes.univ-rouen.fr>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 16:54:19 +0200

Is it a bug ? An option of neomutt i don't understand ? There is something i
don't understand here.

Thanks for your help,

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