[neomutt-users] mouse-based copy/paste picks up spaces at end of line

Nathan Cutler ncutler at suse.cz
Thu Jul 4 11:03:28 CEST 2019

> If vim works for you, why don't you simply use that as the editor for neomutt?

It seems my mention of "vim" muddied the waters - sorry!

The problem is not with neomutt's internal editor, but rather with the pager.
If neomutt is running in a terminal window with width 120 characters, and an
email, displayed in the pager, has text of width 80 characters, and then I use
the mouse to copy some lines of that email from neomutt into the clipboard,
each line will contain:

80 characters of email text + 40 spaces added by neomutt

If the terminal window is 160 characters wide instead of 120, then the number
of extra spaces included in the clipboard at the end of each line increases to 80.

Doesn't anyone else here have this same problem? It's pretty annoying.


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