[neomutt-users] One or more messages could not be displayed... (?)

tuxic at posteo.de tuxic at posteo.de
Sat Jan 19 04:59:28 CET 2019


Currentlu I am using neomut compiled from the repo.
Everything seems to be find as long as I do not search
for something via ESC / ~B ...

Then - while searching - the message pops up, saying:
"One or more messages could not be displayed." I have
identified that message and could display it with a
normal text editor. Permissions are set correctly.
The message is not displayed in the listing even if not
as result of a search. It seems to be permanently

I am using neomutt with Gentoo Linux. 
I am using maildir.

What could be the reason for that?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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