[neomutt-users] FOSDEM 2019 - Brussels Feb 2/3

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Tue Jan 15 14:58:46 CET 2019

Hi everyone!

My name's Richard Russon (FlatCap).

Three years ago, disappointed with Mutt, I created NeoMutt.
Since then I've been working hard to modernise the code and add new features.

- I don't get paid to work on NeoMutt
- I'm UNEMPLOYED and living on CHARITY

This year I'm going to FOSDEM - https://fosdem.org/2019/
(a large European Open Source Developer Conference)
I hope to meet some of the other NeoMutt developers and users for the first time.

Please spare a few euros/dollars/magic beans to help cover my travel costs
(and maybe have a little left to buy a beer :-)


Thank you.

Rich / FlatCap
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