[neomutt-users] Excited for next release, any guesses on release date?

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Fri Jan 11 16:15:44 CET 2019

On Jan 11 2019, 14:35 UTC, russurquhart1 at verizon.net wrote:
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>For me, having used NeoMutt for over a year and a half with out 
>problem, in a Pop/Pop3 configuration, I started getting a UIDL Could 
>not be read from the server. There was a little discussion about it, 
>and it was mentioned that the POP3 code hadn't been examined in a 
>while. I had submitted a bug.
>Since October of last year, I have been unable to use Neomutt, and have 
>had to use AOL.mail.

I have been trying to interact with you and get more info here:

I am sorry if you didn't get a notification. Specifically, I'd be 
interested to know when this has started happening. Is that something we 
broke or some change at your POP3 server's side?

Pietro Cerutti

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