[neomutt-users] How preserve message states (new, old, important) across folder close/reopen?

Mihai Lazarescu mtlagm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 14:03:48 CET 2019

This is a kind of follow-up on the issue I have reported a while 
back in "Old (O) messages shown as new (N) in index".

While mark_old = yes solved the original problem, I see that it 
also prevents, as intended, to keep new messages as such when 
the folder is closed.  I.e., when the folder is reopened all new 
(N) messages are now marked old (O).

In Mutt I was able to keep them N by disabling mark_old.  Hence, 
when reopening a folder I would find the state of all messages 
as I have left them (N, O, !, or read).

In Neomutt I cannot achieve this.

If I set mark_old, then N messages are converted automatically 
to O when folder is closed/reopen — and this is fine.

But if I unset mark_old (mark_old = no) all O messages are 
automatically converted to N on folder close/reopen.

This is different from Mutt behavior and actually prevents 
keeping messages in any of N and O states indefinitely, as I 
would like.

Is this intended?


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