[neomutt-users] Is now a good time to test master?

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Wed Feb 20 11:32:17 CET 2019

On Feb 19 2019, 12:57 UTC, Richard Russon <rich at flatcap.org> wrote:
>Hi Xu,
>> I am wondering if now is a good time to test master.
>Sorry, not really.
>7 months ago, I decided to try to fix a number of large architectural
>problems in the code.  That work is still going on.  Each time I think
>I'm close, I discover more complications.
>> how stable on scales 1 to 10 is current master?
>Let's go for a 7.
>Most things should work fine -- we haven't changed much of the 'doing' code.
>> I have itches to test, but do not want something extremely unstable.
>However a few mailbox actions are known to causes crashes.
>Usually this is when opening a mailbox twice at the same time, e.g.
>- Mailbox 'A' Index, Compose, Attach email from Mailbox 'A'
>- Edit an email - temporarily opens second copy of the Mailbox
>- Save email to current directory, e.g. set record='^'

Let me just add that none of the issues discovered so far have ever 
caused any data corruption / mail loss / unintended hatemail being sent 
to your boss / etc.

The worst that can happen is a crash.

That's to say, I encourage (almost) everybody to use master as a habit, 
in order to discover bugs earlier and deliver more stable releases.

>> Thanks to flatcap and others for all of your works!


Pietro Cerutti

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