[neomutt-users] Save-and-create-mailbox defunct?

mylists at posteo.de mylists at posteo.de
Sun Feb 17 06:39:01 CET 2019


when I 's'ave a mail I am asked whether mailbox 
"<insert name here>:)" should be created. If a say "yes"
the mailbox will not be created and the action ended with
an error message like
"$HOME/mail/<inserted name>/tmp/<name of mailbox file here>: No such file or directory (errno = 2)

The mail remains where it is and no new mailboxdir is created.

I am using  a recent from a week or two of neomutt on GENTOO Linux.

Since all other write operations are working so far and the process
above will create something totally new I think, there is no
permission problem...the error message sounds not like that, too.

How can I prevent the problem?


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