[neomutt-users] *-hook settings. I'm confused

GTC at riseup.net GTC at riseup.net
Thu Aug 8 11:37:38 CEST 2019

On Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 06:44:53PM -0700, Chris Bennett wrote:
> It's not civil behaviour to hijack this thread for what belongs or not,
> in a different thread.

You wrote on August 4, 2019 that you will send several  .neomuttrc files shortly for help about your problems of retriving emails. But your quesitons are so vague that without detailed configration information, no one is able to help you. The Dovecot, FreeBSD are rather big concept.

Now it is August 8, no one in this list has received your .neomuttrc file. 

Becaue your question is so vague and you do not send the files which you promised wouild be sent shortly, only general answers can be provided.

reto at labrat.space already answered your question on on August 5 2019 and refered you to the website for instruction.

Since then you had no response at all about your problems so we think your case is closed.

Can you really characterized "hijack" when either your issue is solved or inactive?

We then discuss to see if making sytax easier will make hook less confusing.

You wrote "if I sould a little dumb" but we kindly think it is probaby not you that are dumb, but the syntax is difficult.

> I read the documention.
> I tried things.
> I saw that I did not understand, so I asked for help.
> Got some, thanks, that is very helpful stuff.
> I will try new ways and stuff, while reading the docs again.
> Did you notice the OpenBSD I use?
> Don't like the docs, submit a diff.
> Don't like the code, submit a diff.
> Missing some function you want?
> Submit a diff.

Before we submitt the diff of the code, we need to see if the community or the person so confused want to accept the change. If many agree, and many disagree, it would be a waste of our time to write the new codes.

I also need to remind you there are no given rules or traditions in computer science that "you do not like the code, submit a diff".

Many code changes in computer science are discussed in emails including FreeBSD.

> I had a new construction and remodeling business.
> I always liked the weird projects others were scared of.
> 85% of the time, fixing what already existed was faster and easier.
> I really like neomutt. If you don't, why on earth are you using it, much
> less on this mailing list?

Many times we like part of a software, and we think other part of the software may need improvements. Then people make suggestions and recommendations. This is how computer science and software evolves and be better.

I completely disagree with your attitue of black and white and rejecting all suggestions and recommendations as "dislike", "why on earth are you using it", especially when you, yourself cannot even get emails in FreeBSD and are very confused with neomutt hook and documentation.

> OK, my annoyance at having to stay a second night in the hospital is
> vented! I'll try the advice out and reply. Now I'm seeing better was is
> for doing what.

The mailing list is not the place for you to cope with your anger left in hospital or with the doctors. If have some discomfort and dissatisfaction with your medical treatment in US hospital with physicans, please deal with it with the right people. The US hospitals have customer complaint mechnism. 
> Thanks again,
> Chris Bennett

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