[neomutt-users] The From: section in composing new messages and the dynamic PGP key selection

GTC at riseup.net GTC at riseup.net
Tue Aug 6 18:32:50 CEST 2019

1. Does neomutt have the function that when composing messages, asking From: section?

Currently, it only asks  To: or recipient adress and Subject: and then go to editor. 

How to make it also ask for From: or sender address?

This is very useful for multiple accounts or multiple identities if people  set custom headers based on each email account or identity eg, From: address with hooks.

As mail flow indicates, the headers or set_hdr in neomutt is set before getting into editor. So the custom header in hooks will not work if the hook does not know From: address from the beginning before getting into the editor.

Once getting into editor and change From: address, the custom header settings in send-hook will not work. 

This is especially true in composing new messages. 

In replying messages, it may work because neomutt already know the From: address before getting into editor.

The best is neomutt would list all the From or email address that I can choose from since the beginning. 

2. In PGP encrption also, neomutt seems to always use default key or oldest key as encrypt_self or From: encryption key. 

How to disable such bug and let user to choose  arbitrary key from system key ring as enrypt_to_self or From encrption key?

Currently, for multiple account settings, it only allows to choose To: recipient pgp key, but sender's key is not allowed to choose and automatically use default. 

I tried to use send-hook -f to solve the problems, but it seems as long as neomutt does not ask for From: address from the beginning, it does not work in composing new messages.


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