[neomutt-users] *-hook settings. I'm confused

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Aug 5 22:49:21 CEST 2019

> ... way too confusing


> It seems mutt ... is originally designed for only one email
> account. ... the hook thing is added later on for multiple accounts

Yes, exactly right.

> Neomutt should change mutt so that the syntax and configuration of
> mutiple accounts ... where you just list emails address and login info

Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.

The syntax will look like:


# Global settings
set ...

account work
    # Local to 'work' account
    set ...
    mailboxes ...

account home
    # Local to 'home' account
    set ...
    mailboxes ...


Config variables would be global, account- or mailbox-specific.

Parsing this new config is easy.
Untangling 100,000 lines of twenty year old code, isn't.

I'm taking (a lot of) time now to fix NeoMutt's code properly.
When it's done, NeoMutt will be more reliable and easier to maintain.
Since the last release, we've made over 2200 changes to the code.

But there's still much to be done.

I'm still working hard and still looking for help.

Alternatively, you could buy me a beer :-)


    Rich / FlatCap

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