[neomutt-users] *-hook settings. I'm confused

Ryan Smith GTC at riseup.net
Sun Aug 4 20:40:17 CEST 2019

I completely agree with you. 

I also find mutt or neomutt syntax very confusing. It does not look like any main stream programming language.

Is neomutt written in C? why not use C syntax directly?

Sometimes in hooks, it uses '^email$', sometimes it does not need it.

In isync or mbsync or fetchmail of multiple email accounts, we just list email account and login info, multiple accounts configuration is done. So simple without any complicated hook.

In mutt or neomutt, multiple accounts support is very complicated and that hook thing is way too confusing.

It seems mutt or neomutt is originally designed for only one email account. The original author never imagined that people may have many email accounts. Then the hook thing is added later on for multiple accounts among others.

You are not dumb. It is mutt that has serious design flaws.

Neomutt should change mutt so that the syntax and configuration of mutipe accounts is just as simple, easy and clear as fetchmail or isync, where you just list emails address and login info and things are done.

They syntax should resemble major programming language like C or python  or even the script style in fetchmail or isync.


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I have read the example config file, but I'm still very confused about
which one to use to accomplish different things.

Right now, I am using Maildir on OpenBSD with OpenSMTPD.
I am going to setup Dovecot.

I am checking my mail over SSH and from the remote shell.
I then want to use IMAP from my laptop to use my email also.

With several different users, I've got different configs, with or
without extra mailboxes. I can't get anything to go into INBOX.
That is pulling straight out of the folders the mail is sent to.
Nothing is going to the added mailboxes at all.

I will pull together several of the .neomuttrc's and describe the
folders I have for each user. I'll send that shortly.

Thanks, any help appreciated and if I sound a little dumb and dense, I'm
taking Morphine for a hip I need replaced. Kinda chops off the smart

Chris Bennett

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