[neomutt-users] *-hook settings. I'm confused

Chris Bennett chris at bennettconstruction.us
Sun Aug 4 18:10:54 CEST 2019

I have read the example config file, but I'm still very confused about
which one to use to accomplish different things.

Right now, I am using Maildir on OpenBSD with OpenSMTPD.
I am going to setup Dovecot.

I am checking my mail over SSH and from the remote shell.
I then want to use IMAP from my laptop to use my email also.

With several different users, I've got different configs, with or
without extra mailboxes. I can't get anything to go into INBOX.
That is pulling straight out of the folders the mail is sent to.
Nothing is going to the added mailboxes at all.

I will pull together several of the .neomuttrc's and describe the
folders I have for each user. I'll send that shortly.

Thanks, any help appreciated and if I sound a little dumb and dense, I'm
taking Morphine for a hip I need replaced. Kinda chops off the smart

Chris Bennett

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