[neomutt-users] From: field wrongly filled

gilles.lamboley at yahoo.fr gilles.lamboley at yahoo.fr
Sat Aug 3 22:41:42 CEST 2019


I'm new to this mailing list in with using neomutt as well, so I thank 
you for any help you could bring.

I have 4 accounts, using mbsync to work with local mailboxes, and I 
noticed the From field in message I sent is always filled this way :
gilles <my_adressmail at account>.

This cause the message to be flagged sometimes. 

To be precise:
- mail with no 'From: ' field at all (line deleted)  => not marked as 
- with From: Gilles Lamboley <my_adressemail at account> => not marked as 
- with From: <my_adressemail at account> => not spam;
- with From: gilles <my_adressmail at account> => marked as SPAM

I would like to have te proprer 'From: ' field, but didn't succeed.

1) I don't know where this "gilles" comes from; well, it's my username 
in my ubuntu computer (and my first name, appearing in my mail adresse), 
but nothing like "gilles" alone in my config files; I source different 
files with folder hook depending on account, with "set 
from=my_adresse at ..."

2) I tried to remove the 'From field' with :
- unmy_hdr *
- my_hdr from <my_adressmail at account>
... but still got From: gilles <my_adressmail at account>

3) Finally removed the "set from=... " and "my_hdr from ...", keeping 
only unmy_hdr * and still got a From Field like "From: gilles 
gilles at mycomputername"

So, is there a way to have the proprer From field, that is :
- '<my_adressemail at account>' 
- or 'Gilles Lamboley <my_adressemail at account>'
- but not 'gilles <my_adressemail at account>' ?

Thank you for your help !

Gilles Lamboley

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