[neomutt-users] NEOMUTT in batch mode

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri Sep 21 10:52:07 CEST 2018

* Guido Van Cauwenberge <gvc at FIDELITY-SOFT.be> [2018-09-21 10:31]:
> When I use neomutt from command line interactively, connection to
> EXCHANGE 2013 IMAP account works perfect and my sent mails
> are stored in folder SENT: neomutt -s TEST <recipient>
> When I use neomutt from command line in batch mode, no connection to
> EXCHANGE 2013 IMAP account is established, the message is sent but
> NOT stored in folder SENT: cat <file> | neomutt -s TEST <recipient>
> set record="=Verzonden Items"

shouldnt this be stored in the folder "Vorzoden Items"?
(does the space have to be escaped with a backslash?)

> When used with the -B option (batch), message is not sent at all.

"-B"?  Batch option? there is a batch option?? o_O
anyway, how do you use it? any error messages?
(cant see.. the glass sphere is cloudy again..)

> A debug file from the batch operation is as good as empty,
> nearly no debug info.

try "set debug_level=5" for more info.

> Is this behaviour intended?

that really depends on your usage..
which is hard to guess.

> set spoolfile="imap://<user>:<password>@<exchange2013>"
> set folder="imap://<user>:<password>@<exchange2013>"
> set trash="imap://<user>:<password>@<exchange2013>"
> set imap_user="<user>"
> set imap_pass="<password>"

not sure.. but..
when imap_pass and imap_user are set - do they
need to be set for "imap://user:pass@host"?
wouldnt a url like "imap://host" suffice?
(and why isnt there a imap_host option?)


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