[neomutt-users] Images are recognized as octet-stream

Valentin Iovene tgy at inria.fr
Fri Oct 19 12:56:54 CEST 2018

Hi all,

Very often when I try to open an attached image to an email it is
identified as octet-stream. Opening the image just results in neomutt
showing me the binary data.

My .mutt/mailcap

text/html; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_html.sh %s
application/pdf; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_attachment.sh %s
image/jpeg; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_attachment.sh %s
image/jpg; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_attachment.sh %s
image/png; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_attachment.sh %s
image/x-png; /Users/viovene/opt/bin/view_attachment.sh %s


#!/usr/bin/env sh
NN=/tmp/mutt_tmp_`basename $*`
cp $* $NN
open -a /Applications/Preview.app $NN

( I'm a macOS user. )

What's wrong with my configuration?


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