[neomutt-users] computed/evaluated search

Ian Zimmerman itz at very.loosely.org
Sun Nov 4 05:39:51 CET 2018

On 2018-11-04 03:44, Nicolas Paris wrote:

> > Ok, I think I understand it now.  You construct a regexp with multiple |
> > branches on the fly with each branch corresponding to one message-id
> > returned from the indexer.
> Not really. The idea is to write the query in a file that is then passed
> to the tool (notmuch, mu, anyelse), which looks into its index and then
> return all the ID of the messages matching. 

This is really apropos to my main concern, but why the bleep do you need
the file?  It just complicates the whole thing for no good reason I can
see.  Why not just interpolate the query to the indexer's command line

> I only get the 600 first messages, in order to speed up the fetching
> and finally ask mutt to display them in mutt.

Yes, and how do you ask mutt?  You construct a giant regexp.  That's
what the perl loop does, in both versions (Pasky's and yours).

> There may be other better way, but I say this one is already fast
> enough.

The way I'm thinking of (I hope a better one) is to add a new pattern
type, say ~I, to neomutt.  It would take a command line as its
argument.  Running the command line should produce a bunch of
message-ids on stdout, separated by white space; the meaning of the
pattern would be to match mails whose message-id is one of the bunch.

To me, just the extra simplicity and readability is worth adding this
feature.  Any developers here?  Or has the time come to take this to

(To be clear, I am proposing to write the code myself.)

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