[neomutt-users] computed/evaluated search

Ian Zimmerman itz at very.loosely.org
Thu Nov 1 20:28:20 CET 2018

Is there a way to use some external program to generate a searching or
limiting pattern?  Hypothetically, I want something like this:

<limit> =i `get_mairix_results $my_query` <enter>

where get_mairix_results is a script that runs mairix in "raw" mode and
snarfs the message-ids from the files that mairix indicates.

I know the community has settled on "virtual folders" as the recommended
interface to searches, but IMHO those are Rube Goldberg devices and I
can't bring myself to use them.  And notmuch is _much_ slower (pun
intended) than mairix for me.

When I was writing the question, I couldn't decide if I should send it
to neomutt-devel or mutt-users, and you see what happened :-P

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