[neomutt-users] Converting gpg.conf groups to crypt-hooks

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Thu May 24 23:55:53 CEST 2018

	As we all know, the question of if and how the group entries
in gpg.conf can be used in Mutt or Neomutt crops up periodically and
generally the answer is no, not directly.  I finally got around to
making a permanent solution which, as its current location indicates,
will be referenced in a future update to the GPGME Python bindings
HOWTO (I needed something to demonstrate another bit of code and
picked the thing at the top of my list).

In the GPGME repository (current updates of the master branch) you'll
need these two files:


The second one is executable, run it and enter the filename to save to
or run "mutt-users.py path/to/new-crypt-hooks.rc" and update your
configuration as needed.

As with everything else pertaining to that HOWTO document, this is all
Python 3.4+, not Python 2.7.


P.S.  If you're still running an ancient version of Mutt and need to
      stick with it, but want to guarantee not getting hit by Efail;
      update and use GPGME instead of calling a binary.  We've moved,
      as of a few days ago, from massive warnings which some other
      MUAs ignored to just enforcing the fix from 18 years ago.
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