[neomutt-users] SUCCESS: was Fwd: Neomutt and OS X terminal: Can't get color to show in Terminal

Russell Urquhart russurquhart1 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 3 16:23:18 CET 2018

Hi All,

I wanted thank everyone for their help and input I was finally able to get neomutt to work with colors under OS X Terminal.

SO, what worked:

The macports neomutt port. I entered the following command:

port install neomutt +sasl -mutt

(Not sure what the +mutt variant would add other than slang and mutt. As i was trying to ONLY use ncurses, that is why i explicitly didn't add this.)

In OS X Terminal, made sure the termtype is xterm-256:
Preferences->Advanced->Declare terminal as: -> xterm-256color

Now the most important, for my case! :)

Carefully copy over settings from your muttrc to your neomuttrc. In my case copy and pasting the color values were not correct. In Vim, the tab character is displayed as '^I' even though that IS a tab character. When i copied and pasted to my neomuttrc, the actual characters '^I' were pasted over INSTEAD of a tab character. Changing those back to tab characters got me my colors back! DOh!!!

Again, thanks to everyone who gave input and helped!


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