[neomutt-users] 2018-06-08 Tuebix Talk

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri Jun 8 13:36:14 CEST 2018

tomorrow, Elimar and me will talk on neomutt
at the linux event "tuebix" in Tuebingen (DE):

  2018-06-09 14:00-14:50 in Raum V1
  Sven Guckes, Elimar Riesebieter:
  "Neomutt - der neue Mailer"

you can read my notes here:

comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!
talk to us on the #neomutt channel on IRC freenode.
looking forward to your feedback. :-)


neomutt maillist reminder:
please do use neomutt to post
and sign your messages.  why?
because we can, right?!  :-)
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