[neomutt-users] Always sending Reply-To header based on From header

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Wed Jul 25 16:50:41 CEST 2018

On Jul 25 2018, 12:50 UTC, Sven Guckes <neomutt-lists at guckes.net> wrote:
>* Valentin Iovene <valentin at too.gy> [2018-07-25 14:26]:
>> I'm constantly sending emails with a correctly formatted
>> From header (i.e. FirstName LastName <myemail at domain.com>)
>> but people keep replying to "myemail at domain.com",
>> while I want them to reply to the correctly
>> formatted email I used in the first place.
>> I would like to configure neomutt to always send a
>> Reply-To header in my emails, which would have the
>> same value as the From header. Is that possible?
>there is no config option for this.. sorry.
>idea for a workaround: use option edit_headers and
>let your editor copy your From: to a Reply_to: header.
>but then you *must* use your editor at least once on every email.
>then again, this is what you do on replies, anyway, right? ;-)
>then again, you simply cannot fix everything
>what the others mailers are breaking.  :-/

Or you could just use the same logic when setting From and setting 
my_hdr Reply-To. I use folder hooks:

folder-hook .       set from = gahr at gahr.ch
folder-hook .       my_hdr Reply-To: Pietro Cerutti <gahr at gahr.ch>

folder-hook FreeBSD set from = gahr at FreeBSD.org
folder-hook FreeBSD my_hdr Reply-To: Pietro Cerutti <gahr at FreeBSD.org>

Pietro Cerutti
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