[neomutt-users] folder=~/Mail vs folder=/var/mail

Teno Deuter gvgter at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 3 20:57:05 CEST 2018

concerning the location of the mailboxes, please note that I'm running
a default OpenBSD 6.3 installation, using OpenSMTPD and mailboxes are
placed in /var/mail by default!

concerning the error messages when setting the mailboxes variable in
neomuttrc, I tried to replicate the error and the reason was:

instead of
mailboxes =Inbox

a 'space' before the equal '=' sign!

sorry that I didn't realize that before. The actual error message was:

line 12: mailboxes=Inbox: unknown command

Thank you for your support


On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 8:18 PM, Sven Guckes <neomutt-lists at guckes.net> wrote:
> * Teno Deuter <gvgter at googlemail.com> [2018-07-03 19:32]:
>> when running:
>>  $ neomutt -n -F /dev/null -f /var/mail/{user}/Inbox
>> I get an error because no mailbox exists.
> when you point neomutt to something that
> does not exist the you'll get an error.  feature.
>> There is no mailbox defined in the user's home directory!
> what is wrong about using the directory
> ~/Mail to place all your data/mails?
> is there a specific reason for this setup?
> why must all your mailboxes be in /var/mail?
> that directory usually belongs to "root" and
> a normal user should not have any write rights.
> look.. here is an example:
>   $ cat ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile
>   set spoolfile=~/Mail.IN/INBOX
>   set read_inc=1000
>   $ time neomutt -F ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile
>   neomutt -F ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile  0.14s user 0.02s system 91% cpu 0.167 total
> so simply setting the 'spoolfile' option
> makes neomutt use this on startup. easy.
> by the way, that's 1/6 of a second
> with an "mailbox" of 5.700 messages.
> and it does not live in /var/mail at all.
>> everything works well.
>> please note the last line from my configuration:
>>   mailboxes Inbox Sent Drafts Trash Spam
>> when stating:
>>  mailboxes =Inbox
>>  mailboxes =Sent
>>  mailboxes =Drafts
>>  mailboxes =Trash
>>  mailboxes =Spam
>> I get an error complaining about
>> the syntax of the neomuttrc file!
> well.. *which* error?
> could we ask you to take the trouble of
> copying+pasting this error messages?
> the glass sphere wont show it..
> and what *is* the value of "folder" used here?
>     :set ?folder
> you could also put all folders on one "mailboxes" line:
>    mailboxes =Inbox =Sent =Drafts =Trash =Spam
> however, "mailboxes" are those which should
> be shown in the mailboxes overview.
> typically, those are the ones which
> receive new messages after downloading.
> for me this is just on mailing lists.
> Sven

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