[neomutt-users] folder=~/Mail vs folder=/var/mail

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Tue Jul 3 20:18:40 CEST 2018

* Teno Deuter <gvgter at googlemail.com> [2018-07-03 19:32]:
> when running:
>  $ neomutt -n -F /dev/null -f /var/mail/{user}/Inbox
> I get an error because no mailbox exists.

when you point neomutt to something that
does not exist the you'll get an error.  feature.

> There is no mailbox defined in the user's home directory!

what is wrong about using the directory
~/Mail to place all your data/mails?
is there a specific reason for this setup?

why must all your mailboxes be in /var/mail?
that directory usually belongs to "root" and
a normal user should not have any write rights.

look.. here is an example:

  $ cat ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile
  set spoolfile=~/Mail.IN/INBOX
  set read_inc=1000

  $ time neomutt -F ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile
  neomutt -F ~/.mutt/muttrc.spoolfile  0.14s user 0.02s system 91% cpu 0.167 total

so simply setting the 'spoolfile' option
makes neomutt use this on startup. easy.

by the way, that's 1/6 of a second
with an "mailbox" of 5.700 messages.
and it does not live in /var/mail at all.

> everything works well.
> please note the last line from my configuration:
>   mailboxes Inbox Sent Drafts Trash Spam
> when stating:
>  mailboxes =Inbox
>  mailboxes =Sent
>  mailboxes =Drafts
>  mailboxes =Trash
>  mailboxes =Spam
> I get an error complaining about
> the syntax of the neomuttrc file!

well.. *which* error?

could we ask you to take the trouble of
copying+pasting this error messages?
the glass sphere wont show it..

and what *is* the value of "folder" used here?
    :set ?folder

you could also put all folders on one "mailboxes" line:
   mailboxes =Inbox =Sent =Drafts =Trash =Spam

however, "mailboxes" are those which should
be shown in the mailboxes overview.
typically, those are the ones which
receive new messages after downloading.
for me this is just on mailing lists.

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