[neomutt-users] set up maildir -> set mbox_type=maildir

Floyd Anderson f.a at 31c0.net
Tue Jul 3 00:05:29 CEST 2018

On Mon, 02 Jul 2018 21:47:55 +0200
Teno Deuter <gvgter at googlemail.com> wrote:
>I did the following when creating a maildir structure:
>mkdir -p /var/mail/{user}/{Inbox,Drafts,Sent,Trash,Spam}/{new,cur,tmp}
>obviously the above differs from what you have proposed but I thought
>this was the correct way to do it!

Sure, mine was just a temporary mailbox example. Have you tried to open 
one of your mailboxes? E.g. with:

  $ neomutt -n -F /dev/null -f /var/mail/{user}/Inbox

I assume that will work, so you have to move on and configure your none 
default setting for mailbox location (default is "~/Mail"). As Sven 
wrote, set $folder, specific mailboxes and if you like, all that should 
be checked for new mails, in your neomuttrc initialisation file.

Snippet for a local folder example:

  set folder    = "/var/mail/{user}"  # I treat {user} as a placeholder
  set spoolfile = +Inbox              # expands to "/var/mail/{user}/Inbox" or set ${MAIL}
  set record    = +Sent
  set postponed = +Drafts
  set trash     = +Trash

  unmailboxes *                       # first reset/empty the list
  mailboxes =Inbox                    # expands to "/var/mail/{user}/Inbox"
  mailboxes =Sent
  mailboxes =Drafts
  mailboxes =Trash
  mailboxes =Spam

Note, I mixed mailbox shortcuts "+" and "=" just to show they can be 
used vice versa. Also, always set $folder before using those shortcuts.

For an online setup, you have to set something like:

  set folder    = imap[s]://imap.server.domain[:port]/[folder/]
  set imap_user = USERNAME
  set imap_pass = SECRET

If you still have issues, be more verbose about your configuration.


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