[neomutt-users] can't connect to IMAPS server with neomutt 20180622

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Mon Jul 2 19:18:36 CEST 2018

Hi Richard,

> imap_authenticators=""

OK.  We recently tweaked how the authentication was done,
so it should do the "right thing" for more people.

> > > The logfile from starting neomutt -d 5 ?

> I'm a bit rushed at the moment

No problem.  As you've got a working setup, there's less urgency.

> send the (appropriately redacted) log to you in a private message,

That's fine.
I also welcome encrypted mail to this address:
    Fingerprint: 69AD1D636AC292E820658C16EBC150E4B5DA63DF

> > I've just created two new branches:
> > Please can you give them a try.

> It may be a couple of days before I have a chance to try this out


    Rich / FlatCap
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