[neomutt-users] can't connect to IMAPS server with neomutt 20180622

Richard Cobbe rcobbe at rcobbe.net
Mon Jul 2 03:01:37 CEST 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded neomutt from 20180512 to 20180622 via
MacPorts.  With the new version, though, I'm consistently unable to connect
to my mail provider's IMAPS server; I haven't made any configuration
changes on my end.  (I've since downgraded back to 20180512, which
continues to work fine.)

Normally, when I start neomutt, the status line briefly displays
    Connecting to mail.pobox.com...
then briefly
    Logging in...
and then I get to the index screen, displaying my inbox and the sidebar.

With the new version, however, it sits for a very long time at the "Logging
in..." step.  If I hit ctrl-C at this point, to abort, it goes back to the
"Connecting to mail.pobox.com..." step and gets stuck again during login.
Hitting ctrl-C again leaves me at the index + sidebar, but with no folder

I'm not sure how to file a useful bug report on this.  What additional
information would be useful?  The logfile from starting neomutt -d 5 ?
Anything else?



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