[neomutt-users] set up maildir -> set mbox_type=maildir

Floyd Anderson f.a at 31c0.net
Mon Jul 2 00:00:33 CEST 2018

Hi Teno,

On Sun, 01 Jul 2018 20:40:01 +0300
Teno Deuter <gvgter at googlemail.com> wrote:
>when I did define the mbox type to 'maildir' in the /etc/neomuttrc
>nothing was affected. The old behavior persists.
>when I did define the mbox type to 'maildir' in the
>/home/[user]/.neomuttrc I get the following:
>/home/[user]/Mail does not exist. Create it?
>I type 'no'
>/var/mail/[user] is not a mailbox
>please note that in /var/mail/[user] a maildir structure does exist!

I'd like to point out a quick way to test if something is wrong with 
your configuration or maildir structure (I think it is). Just create an 
empty mailbox of format type maildir, start NeoMutt without any system- 
and user-specific configuration while pointing to the test mailbox:

  $ mkdir -p /tmp/mail/dir/{cur,new,tmp}
  $ neomutt -n -F /dev/null -f /tmp/mail/dir

If you want to see something in index/pager, create a "message":

  $ printf '\n%s\n\n' "hello world!" > /tmp/mail/dir/new/msg1.txt

This will show you, that it works completely automatically without any 
configuration. Afterwards, like Sven mentioned, look at your maildir 
structure/config files.

Hope that helps.


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