[neomutt-users] How to show a mail in all its pure glory?

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Tue Jan 23 19:17:26 CET 2018

* Meino <tuxic at posteo.de> [2018-01-23 18:52]:
> often I get mail from - for example - support lines
> saying something like "To read about the solution
> follow this LINK" but there is no link shown. Since I
> am using the mbox format I theoretically would be able
> to identify the file and cat that to the console. But
> this neither fun nor a clever usage of neomutt.... ;)

  macro pager ,\Cb |urlview\n "Extract a URL, and queue for later download"

now use CTRL-B to call up on urlview to parse the message for URLs..
it will give you a menu for them all.  type in digits for the
link number, hit on ENTER to select it, now you can edit the URL,
hit ENTER again to feed it to your browser.  pretty nifty, eh? :)

as for seeing the *raw* data of the message, use 'e' in the index:

  key:         e
  command:     edit-or-view-raw-message
  description: edit the raw message if the mailbox
               is not read-only, otherwise view it



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