[neomutt-users] autocrypt?

Patrick Ben Koetter p at sys4.de
Sun Jan 21 23:10:00 CET 2018

Has anyone had a look into autocrypt's efforts to have more people encrypt
email by default?

Quoting their website:

    What is Autocrypt?
    Autocrypt is a set of guidelines for developers to achieve convenient
    end-to-end-encryption of e-mails. It specifies how e-mail programs negotiate
    encryption capabilities using regular e-mails.

    For users, Autocrypt Level 1 offers single-click, opt-in encryption, eases
    encrypted group communications, and provides a way to setup encryption on
    multiple devices.
    -- https://autocrypt.org/

I myself haven't had the time to study their ideas yet, but I noted that some
German providers, like Posteo, who are very concerned about privacy on the
net, wrote they will/want to support it.

Should neomutt implement autocrypt?

p at rick

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