[neomutt-users] Tool that enables sending HTML-formatted mail with Mutt

Amit Ramon amit.ramon at riseup.net
Thu Jan 4 17:46:00 CET 2018

Hi Ismael,

I'm realy glad you like it.

Ismael Bouya <ismael.bouya at normalesup.org> [2018-01-04 16:56 +0100]:

>Hey Amit and all,
>Your program looks great, I was actually wondering a few days ago wether
>this kind of thing already existed or not.
>Is there any way to have it as a hook before sending (like a hook that
>would create another mime part) rather than wrapping the sendmail
>program? That would permit to remove the html version before sending, if

A hook inside Mutt/NeoMutt would be a great idea, but as far as I know Mutt/NeoMutt don't currently have such a feature. It would be very helpfull, for example it could allow Mutt to choose automaically whether to generate the HTML mime part or not based on the recipient.

You can accomplish that, however, with a simple "workaround" (or
perhaps a feature), by using macros in Mutt that enables switching
dynamically between sending the message "as is" (no HTML), or to pipe
it into plainMail2HTML before handing it over to sendmail.

The macro files I'm using are included with the package, and there are
instructions for how to use them in the readme file:


I hope this answers your questions.

All the best,

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